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Estabished in 1985,Fuzhou Boling Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. is ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certified.

Boling is specialized in the production and sale of studio flash,video light,continuous light,power pack,portable flash and various photographic accessories. With the lots of experience and rich technologic power,Boling researches and developes the BL series products independently,and peserves the proprietary intellectual property rights.All the rpoducts have passed the examinations of National Camera Quality Administration Center,all techniques meet the technical standards.

Boling studio flash units gained three national patents.Possessing inventiveness,novelty and industrial applicability,Boling video lights obtained four national passed PCT retrieval request and have been protected by lnternational Bureau of lntellectual Property.All Boling products are CE certified.Golden award of China competitive patent exhibitioin and China electronic creation and invention exhibition,Coppery award of lnternational lnvention Expo 2000 Hongkong and various prizes are awarded for Boling's creativity.Boling is titled of "High quality and secure brand" by Chinese Technology Supervisory Association. Boling photographic equipments enjoy good reputation at home and abroad.

Boling strives for perfection,elaborate Boling studio flash units have good performance in fast recycle,high light,high steadiness and high reliability.Boling product range has covered both indoor and outdoor artificial light with the power range from 45Ws to 2400Ws.Being launched these years,Boling LED video lights,halogen video lights,fluorescent lamps etc.with power range between 10W and 200W have became professional videographers' ideal equipments.

Xiaohong Zhan is the founder,engineer and general manager of Boling,also the member of national photography machinery standardization technical committee.Lots of his academic essays were published on many specialized publications. We thank all customers,distributors and friends,who have been very supportive and caring of the development of Boling. We look forward to cooperating with you in a further  prospect.


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